COVID-19 – Fresco’s Precautions and Measures

This is a worrying time for everyone, and your safety is our priority. The NHS has stated that it is unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food, but we are taking multiple additional precautions for your safety. After thoroughly inspecting the government’s latest updates on the operation of cafés and restaurants with regards to COVID-19 and having our operation approved by the Government’s Business Standards, we are happy to announce that we will be able to provide all Dine In, Takeaway and Delivery Services at our shop. However, we must all adhere to the safety measures advised.

Our shop will operate normally. We have already taken measures to limit the transmission of the virus inside our shop. Our normal utensils have been replaced by one use only utensils, which will be provided to you by our staff, who will take all necessary hygienic measures to ensure your experience at Fresco is not undermined by this pandemic.

We have placed all necessary distancing measures both when you are waiting outside or inside the shop. Our dining area upstairs operates with 4 tables in total and with the appropriate distance between those tables. Sanitising equipment is available for you at all times in case you need to disinfect your hands or your space prior to seating. Although we disinfect all of our areas frequently, you can do it on your own as well to feel more comfortable in our shop. In case you want to use this area, you have to inform a member of staff when you place your order so they can direct you to a designated table upstairs. Before you leave the space, we kindly ask you to collect and dispose of all your garbage as to avoid unnecessary contact between your belongings and our members of staff. Please use the toiler only if it is necessary and inform a member of our staff so it can be sanitised directly after use.