Future Plans

Throughout our journey, we have always made sure to provide top-notch quality services. We constantly thrive to improve our current services, so our customers can have the best customer experience possible. We are glad that we have managed to enhance our online presence through our business’s website and online ordering platform. 

Nonetheless, the future is bright ahead of us and our aspiration motivates us to move forward. Despite the challenges the recent pandemic has posed for us, by 2021 we will try our hardest to reach our goals and expand Fresco’s potential.

Professional Services

From our experience, we are aware of the challenges that a business may face when launching for the first time. For that reason, we are eager to help as much as we possibly can all businesses that reach out to us and are involved in the coffee and food industries.

Having a strong network that can provide you with valuable partners and advice is crucial to develop your business. We are here to help and we are glad to see motivated and eager prospect partners. So if you need help or advice to start or boost your business, we are here to help!

We plan and we are confident that by 2021:

1. We will offer our knowledge and insights to new businesses according to our unique preparation techniques for special drinks and best quality food – the food industry may seem vast and scary, but we can offer some heads-up!

2. We will provide business advice to businesses similar to ours that require help when setting up for the first time – we are an independent business and we know the struggle.

3. We will provide collaboration opportunities, such as franchise agreements in the future for businesses that share our aspirations and values.

Coffee Beans

We bring blends from all over the world, Fresco’s trademark coffee to have at home! We offer different kinds of beans and grinds to satiate even the most demanding coffee lover.

Choose our single estate and single origin Blond Fruity Sensation, available in grinds for Filter and Greek Coffee and in beans for Espresso, or our special Dark Sweet Sensation, available in grinds for Filter Coffee and Decaf Espresso and in beans for Espresso. Make your coffee at home easily and conveniently. 

Read all about our coffee in our blog and order online now!

Green Initiatives

More than ever before, businesses need to transform into environmentally friendly institutions.

We have set our own goals to become a sustainable, eco-friendly business while maintaining high-quality standards. We are all in this together and we must contribute effectively to make our society respectful towards the environment.


1. We are developing a line of our own, unique eco-friendly consumables which will be able for purchase. Reuse them every time you visit Fresco!

2. Special treats await those who think ahead and bring their own cups and containers for takeaway products. Why not pop into our shop and see for yourself?

3. We have limited already the use of non-degradable products in our shop but we thrive for more – we aim to reduce our consumption of non-degradable products by at least 30-40% by 2021.

We fully commit to fulfil our goals and enjoy this wonderful journey!



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