Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fresco has been a part of Guildford’s community since it opened in 2015. Throughout the years we have always tried to exceed expectations and give back to our local community as much as possible. We have taken a variety of different actions to guarantee our business’ responsibility and sustainability towards our home, the town of Guildford.

Supporting our local community

All businesses in Guildford belong in the same local community. We are in this together and for that reason, it is important that we all support one another to create a united local community.

We always assist other local businesses through being a sponsor and providing discounts for their staff and customers. We want to form strong bonds with our customers, partners and neighbours which eventually will turn into a wonderful friendship.

Our business participated in numerous charity events by offering products and consumables. Some of these charities include, but are not limited to:

1. Macmillan Cancer Organisation Charity Event
2. Surrey Drive
3. Riverside HOST
4. Guildford Action

We collaborate with local schools, such as the George Abbot, and organizations providing our products as free prizes for raffles, food donations for charity events, and offer special discounts for vulnerable groups within our local community. 

University of Surrey

Fresco started by two graduates of the University of Surrey who decided to create a unique concept of coffee, food and hospitality.

As we were influenced by our time at the University of Surrey, we want to aid its people as a way to honour the place we started from.

We have a special spot for the University of Surrey in our hearts and we treat the entire University Community as our family.

Over the years, our business has been involved in raising financial support for academic projects for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Surrey.

Moreover, we have donated food and consumables for a variety of events that had to deal with different charity purposes organized by the University’s Societies. 

Some of the societies to which we provided support include: 
1. Hellenic and Cypriot Society
2. Arab Society
3. Surrey Student Action for Refugees (STAR) 
4. Local and International Events/Charities/Nights

and many more. We provide discounts for students and always make sure to give a little extra on the house to try.

On a daily basis

Throughout the year, we arrange food donations to people in need in collaboration with  Guildford Action for the homeless and refugees (you can find more information about this amazing organisation here:

We always provide our customers with the best quality food, so in our shop, everything is freshly baked and no pastries are sold the following day. Around closing time, and if we have any food left at our disposal, we prepare several boxes filled with pastries (vegan, vegetarian, meaty, sweet) and deliver them to Guildford Action to help those in need as much as we can. This initiative takes place 3-4 times per week and we are keen on contributing even more if we have the chance.

During the lockdown

During the recent lockdown, in collaboration with Experience Guildford, we arranged some large food donation to Surrey Drive, part of the NHS Charity body, which aims to provide food supplies to the families of NHS workers. 

This donation included numerous of our products as a treat to all of those working hard to keep us safe during these difficult times. 

Apart from our donation to Surrey Drive we also delivered food to the Royal Surrey Hospital on our own initiative another 4-5 times, including a variety of fresh and packaged goods.

Our biggest food donation included over 30 portions of food delivered to the NHS and it was delivered to the NHS Foundation Trust for Royal Surrey Hospital.

Environmental Consciousness

We are doing our best efforts to improve our environmental sustainability as a business and change our everyday lives towards the better. It is crucial to be environmentally conscious and try to reduce our footprint.

We have to take care of the environments we live in both on a personal and social level.

Recently, we replaced our old lids with biodegradable ones and we are looking for additional solutions to reduce our use of plastic.

Despite the higher costs involved in this process, we are adamant on shifting to more sustainable business conduct.

We urge our customers to bring their own reusable cups to reduce the use of takeaway cups and we make sure to reward them with a small treat on the house or some extra points on their loyalty app.

Moreover, we make sure to distinguish recyclable from non-recyclable materials and throw them away accordingly. 

Lastly, during our latest renovation, we purchased new equipment for our kitchen and bar, making sure that they consume less energy than the ones we had before.

We are trying to operate our business efficiently, with the lowest possible costs for the environment. It is our duty to be sustainable and environmentally conscious as after all, this is our home.


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